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What We Do

We provide cost effective and sustainable information collection, mastering and management for:

  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences & Meetings
  • Film Festivals
  • Educational Symposiums
  • Company and organization product lines and services
  • Retail, Hospitality, and many more markets
  • USB Branding and Duplication

Our Solutions

The Green Box® Solution for Tradeshows and more
The Green Box is used to download digital information to the Presenter® USB from each trade show booth. Information of all types including video is accumulated for later convenient use. Learn more...

Digital Asset Management and Presenter USB delivery
Conferences, meetings, film festivals and educational symposiums etc. all have something in common. The need to collect content through the ViridiSTOR web interface and then produce “the event on the USB” for use. The system allows event participants to quickly and easily deliver their digital content to the ViridiSTOR servers, where the content is then mastered onto the USB and used under the management of the patented Presenter® application. Learn more...

USB Branding and duplication
Utilizing our high-quality custom designed USB Flash Drives (thumb drives, memory sticks) or custom shaped USBs with custom logo printing. Pre-loading of your information onto the USB is available as well. Short-runs and quick turnaround available too. Learn more...

Value Propositions

Everyone Wins! Show Owners, Exhibitors, Attendees & the Environment

  • Dramatically reduced marketing costs for exhibitors
  • Create new and profitable revenue streams for owner/producer
  • Enhance the attendee event experience by going truly paperless
  • Create positive PR for everyone involved in the event
  • Make a verifiable environmental savings statement

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