ViridiSTOR® Supports The Fisker Automotive Owners Event With Presenter™ Software Application & USB Duplication Services

ViridiSTOR Adds Value by Eliminating Paper and Improving Owner Information Delivery



From left to right, Alexander Klatt, Vice President of Design, Fisker Automotive and Terry Mullin, President & CEO, ViridiSTOR LLC, both holding the “everything Fisker Presenter USB.”

Tustin, CA – October 29, 2012 ViridiSTOR LLC announced that it provided its services for the Fisker Owners Event on the October 25, 2012 held at Fisker of Orange County. The ViridiSTOR USB was provided to an interactive guide of owner information in addition to product information to owners and invited guests.

Marcelo Sandoval, Sales and Finance Manager, hosted the evening’s event. “After seeing how attendees received the ViridiSTOR solution at a recent event, and how the Fisker story was told, we knew we had to work with ViridiSTOR,” said Sandoval. “They not only included all of our marketing materials for the Karma and future products, but included the key owner information. With the Fisker-ViridiSTOR USB, our owners were able to take away ‘everything Fisker’ on the USB including ‘how-to’ guides and videos to maximize the enjoyment of their Karma,” commented Sandoval.

“As a company focused on sustainability, having Fisker Automotive provide all of our information on the ViridiSTOR USB has tremendous value,” stated Terry Mullin, CEO of ViridiSTOR. “With a product as innovative as the Karma, we wanted to provide as much information on its use as we could for potential and existing buyers. But delivering it in an intelligent, sustainable method was a challenge. With the ViridiSTOR Presenter application on the USB, all of the key owners information including the entire ‘how to’ video library was organized for easy use,” added Mullin. “Owners loved the fact that they now had everything they needed digitally, with no need to download information from the Internet.”

“After meeting with the Fisker team and understanding their drive towards sustainability, it was clear we should work together,” Mullin continued. “Fisker’s commitment to ‘responsible luxury’ and sustainability made our fiscally sound solution even more compelling to their owners and clients. And using the power of our Presenter application, finding and using the information has never been so easy or intuitive,” Mullin added.

The Fisker Owners Events provide owners and invited guest an intimate setting to learn more about the Fisker line. Mrs. Fairuz Schlecht, Director of Color and Material Design, and Mr. Alex Klatt, VP of Global Design, were the evening’s presenters. They shared the designers’ unique inspiration behind the timeless beauty captured in the Fisker Karma.

“We have never seen anything like the ViridiSTOR Presenter,” stated invited guest Sarina May, CEO US of D1 Ultimate-GT, who organizes luxury driving holidays and once in a lifetime ultimate supercar driving events. “Our clients use our services to find that ‘once in a lifetime’ event and we can see how using the ViridiSTOR application we can provide them more information, and also allow them to personalize it with their own ratings, notes and more,” added May. “Everyone loved what they saw on the ViridiSTOR USB.”

“We are providing the event and conference industry with our patented and award winning service that saves money and makes information more valuable,” said Mullin. “Our solution can be adapted to nearly all types of events, and since the clients leave with the information, producers don’t worry that their clients don’t have the information that they need.”

About ViridiSTOR

Based in Tustin, CA, ViridiSTOR LLC was established in 2008 with the goal of providing the world’s first environmentally and fiscally sound business solution for the information technology market. The Green Box™ solution replaces paper-based materials at trade shows and conferences, greatly reducing the environmental impact of the event while increasing the usability of information for attendees. With the Green Box solution, traditional static materials are replaced with electronic files including video, high resolution color images, presentations, or entire product catalogs. The Green Box solution can be implemented at a fraction of the cost required to print traditional materials, and dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of an event. For additional information, please visit the company’s web site at

About Fisker of Orange County

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