ViridiSTOR Solution Debuts at Educating for Careers Conference


ViridiSTOR Solution Provides Digital Delivery of Useable Data Educators Can Use and Eliminates Paper Waste and Cost

Tustin, CA – February 29, 2012 – The ViridiSTOR paperless information delivery solution debuted this month at the Educating for Careers Conference held in Sacramento, CA at its annual three-day professional development event surrounding career technical education (CTE). Costa Mesa High School’s Environmental Marine Academy co-coordinators Cristen Rasmussen and Cheri Daniels utilized the ViridiSTOR solution to deliver all of their conference materials digitally. As one of more than 170 breakout sessions offered to the approximately 2,500 conference attendees over the course of this three-day conference, they took the first steps in demonstrating how a sustainable solution can provide information that is more useful.


“Our presentation was completely supported by using the ViridiSTOR Presenter USB,” stated Cristen Rasmussen, co-coordinator and lead teacher. “Included were 38 PDF files, 4 high impact videos, 14 Word documents, one PowerPoint presentation and two spreadsheets. And the best part was that all of our information was well organized and presented on the ViridiSTOR USB. As an educational program that promotes environmental consciousness, we would not print out this information and provide it in a binder,” said Cristen. “Beyond the environmental impact that the printing carries, the cost to do so would have been prohibitive,” added Cristen.


“We were pleased to have partnered with Costa Mesa High School’s EMA organization,” stated Terry Mullin, president and CEO of ViridiSTOR LLC. “As one of the first, if not only, sustainable solutions that significantly reduces the cost of delivering information of all kinds at nearly 1.8 million events held every year, the ViridiSTOR solution addresses the need for an immediate environmental and cost payback with a sustainable solution. Our solution provides unquestionable environmental savings while reducing costs,” added Mullin.


“The Presenter application on the ViridiSTOR USB presents the conference materials like a ‘library on the USB’ which is infinitely more useable than paper in binders or a collection of disparate CDs or DVDs,” stated Cheri Daniels, co-coordinator and lead teacher. “Some of the comments we received included ‘lots of information and well organized’, ‘nice to have resources on the USB drive,’ and ‘organized - great information that I can use’,” stated Cheri. “And it makes financial sense too. By using the Presenter USB, we reduced what would have been a paper-based cost by over 80%. When you consider there were over 170 sessions, nobody would want to carry that much paper back home or downloading it from the Internet,” added Daniels.


“Through the digital delivery of content at conferences through the use of ViridiSTOR Presenter USB, we could improve the user experience of the 2,500 attendees of this event, for a fraction of the cost of paper-based materials,” stated Mullin. “And considering that these events contribute approximately $106 billion to the GDP of the U.S. economy, clearly our innovation makes as much fiscal sense as sustainable sense."


About the Costa Mesa High School EMA

The Costa Mesa High School Environmental and Marine Academy is a specialized academy for students interested in careers in green industry, sustainability, marine science, and much more. We offer courses in environmental studies, research and technology, and environmental and marine field work, as well as traditional college preparatory classes. Students are also exposed to a wide variety of careers and organizations through outside learning activities. Destinations include the Ocean Institute, the Aquarium of the Pacific, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and Conservation Center, the Newport Back Bay, and the University of California Cooperative Research Extension. For additional information, please visit the school’s website at .


About ViridiSTOR

Based in Tustin, CA, ViridiSTOR LLC was established in 2008 with the goal of providing environmentally and fiscally sound business solutions for the information technology market. The Green Box™ solution replaces paper-based materials at trade shows and conferences, greatly reducing the environmental impact of the event while increasing the usability of information for attendees. With the Green Box, traditional static materials are replaced with electronic files including video, high resolution color images, presentations, or entire product catalogs. The Green Box solution can be implemented at a fraction of the cost required to print traditional materials, and dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of an event. For additional information, please visit the company’s web site at


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