ViridiSTOR Delivers Conference and Exhibitor Materials for CleanTech OC Event with Green Box Solution


Instant Access to Social Media Contacts with QuickMediaª Introduced at Event

Tustin, CA – September 21, 2011 – ViridiSTOR LLC’s Green Box™ Solution was used to deliver the conference and presentation materials to the nearly 500 attendees at this year’s CleanTech OC event through their patented solution. CleanTech OC 2011 is the annual conference and expo promoting economic growth in the Orange County clean technology industry, likely to be one of the most significant engines for job growth over the next decade.


“We are impressed with the ViridiSTOR solution as it significantly reduced the distribution of paper materials from exhibitors and presenters at our annual event,” said Taylor Honrath, Director of Development and Programs for CleanTech OC. “This year, every attendee received a ViridiSTOR USB that contained the event information, in addition to product and service information from every one of our exhibitors. In addition, many of the event presentations, which included PowerPoint presentations and videos, were included on the USB. This sustainable solution allowed our event to deliver information digitally, making it more useable, while increasing the sustainable value of our event,” added Honrath.


“ViridiSTOR was pleased to participate, and be a sponsor, of the CleanTech OC event,” said Terry Mullin, CEO, ViridiSTOR. “We provided all of the attendees with event materials on the USB in the most cost effective and convenient means possible. Every attendee left with a ‘library on the USB’ of the information from the event, forgoing the need to carry paper and binders of information, which is not only expensive to produce, but poses a significant environmental impact.”


“ViridiSTOR’s electronic delivery of information of all types increases the value of trade shows and conferences,” stated Sarah Backhouse, event panel moderator and host and producer of Future360, a syndicated online high-tech news show. “The ViridiSTOR solution allowed me to include relevant videos that supported my presentation, and their Presenter™ application presented it as part of a ‘library’ of the event. This is one sustainable solution that is in use today that is making a difference and significantly reducing costs,” added Backhouse.


"The ViridiSTOR solution is simply a more useful and powerful solution for the problem of providing corporate and marketing information to hundreds of users at events like CleanTech OC. Having all of the literature, marketing materials and videos from the exhibits and presentations on the USB is tremendous and reduces the marketing costs significantly. And their Presenter application turns all of the information into a ‘library on the USB’ so you can actually use and find the information that you need, when you need it," said Karen Lustman, Director, Business Development for Devon & Devon.


"With the ViridiSTOR solution, we were able to provide much more information that was extremely cost effective than in previous events,” said John Tomaszewski, Account Executive for Marketwire. “In addition to multiple white papers on our products and services including our focus on the value of social media, we were able to include a promotional video that explains the value of social media in the business environment. And making contact via social media is now a click away using the Presenter application’s QuickMedia™ feature,” added Tomaszewski.


“Using the Green Box Solution to address reducing costs of trade shows and events, creates customer value by enabling users to make more effective decisions, and actually ‘use’ the information they gathered at the event,” added Mullin. “And with the inclusion of our new QuickMedia feature, it has never been easier to have immediate access to business-critical social media links, in addition to vCard and other electronic contact information for exhibitors and conference presenters.”


“The reaction of our participants was extremely positive. And we are proud to be one of the nation’s first clean technology events to make this move to provide information in the most sustainable method possible,” commented Honrath.


About CleanTech is a trade association that seeks to promote economic growth in the Orange County clean technology industry, which is likely to be one of the most significant engines for job growth in Southern California over the next decade. CleanTech OC consists of private companies, academic institutions, and local governmental entities that are engaged or interested in clean tech. For additional information, please visit the company’s web site at


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Based in Tustin, CA, ViridiSTOR LLC was established in 2008 with the goal of providing environmentally and fiscally sound business solutions for the information technology market. The Green BoxTM solution replaces paper-based materials at trade shows and conferences, greatly reducing the environmental impact of the event while increasing the usability of information for attendees. With the Green Box, traditional static materials are replaced with electronic files including video, high resolution color images, presentations, or entire product catalogs. The Green Box solution can be implemented at a fraction of the cost required to print traditional materials, and dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of an event. For additional information, please visit the company’s web site at


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