FACCOC Awards ViridiSTOR its Emerald Award for Innovative Green Product at Annual 21st Century Business Opportunity Day Event


Award Receives Recognition by Several Prominent State Politicians

Tustin, CA – August 30, 2011 – ViridiSTOR LLC’s Green Box™ Solution has been awarded the FACCOC (Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County) Emerald Award for Innovative Green Product. Now in its 3rd year, this Orange County business event celebrates excellence and achievement in the region’s sustainable industry, and honors local companies, individuals and products that drive sustainable innovation in Orange County. This year’s winners were announced at the annual event on August 25, 2011, at the Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort.


“We are very pleased to receive this award from this organization and the community,” said Terry Mullin, CEO, ViridiSTOR®. “Since launching the Green Box Solution, tradeshow, conference, and meeting producers are realizing how they can advance the green movement by virtually eliminating paper-based handouts, and at the same time reduce costs and increase profits from the use of our patented system. The amount of waste that is created from each of the 16,000 tradeshows in North America alone is incredible. If only the top 250 tradeshows in the US adopt this solution, we could eliminate approximately 1 trillion gallons of waste water and 274 billion pounds of greenhouse gases each year.”

The award was presented by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and Linda Sarno, Esq., Director Emeritus, and Raziel F. Arcega, co-chairs of the event for the FACCOC. In addition to the presentation by Congresswoman Sanchez, the award was recognized by, from the US House of Representatives: Congressman Ed Royce, Congressman Gary Miller, in addition to US Senators Lou Correa, Tom Harman, Bob Huff, and State Assemblyman Jose Solorio. “We are very pleased at the recognition received from our state’s representatives. It speaks to how our environmentally sustainable solution, that at the same time is fiscally sound, can benefit not only California’s businesses, but the over 16,000 events that are held every year in the US and Canada,” added Mullin.


“Our solution is one of the only fiscally sound solutions to a world-wide problem – the elimination of paper-based materials at events,” said Mullin. “And unlike other products or services, the Green Box solution is the only solution that assures event producers that conference materials and exhibitors’ marketing materials are physically delivered and useable, without Internet connection, when attendees leave the event. And only our solution can ensure that no exhibitor is ever ‘completely missed.’ That is a tremendous benefit for event producers of all types.”


“In addition to the environmental savings, our solution provides multiple innovations to reduce costs of participation at events and generate sponsorship profits for the event producer,” added Mullin. “In the CEIR report entitled Digital + Exhibiting Marketing Insights 2010, over 70% of event marketers are integrating the use of digital marketing to increase awareness, extend reach and increase attendance. In this same study, the importance of ‘doing more with less’ while reducing costs and increasing profitability is noted. The ViridiSTOR solution epitomizes the value of digital delivery, and provides seamless integration with social media interaction.”


About FACCOC and its Annual 21st Century Business Opportunity Day

The event brings together exhibitors and major participants, authorities on Green, Conservation and Health issues, cities and agencies of Orange County, sponsoring corporations, representatives from the utility companies, businesses that offer ‘green’ or eco-friendly products, as well as model cities outside of Orange County who have implemented programs on conservation and clean technology. The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County (FACCOC) has for the past two years provided the forum/venue for these participants to meet, exchange ideas, outreach and educate business owners not only from the Filipino American community but also from the community at large. While the 20th Century will be remembered as the era of tremendous technological, medical and biological advancement, these advancements fell short in factoring in the environmental impact associated with the new and advanced technologies. FACCOC, through this annual event, advocates and provides the message on the importance of sustaining our environment. On the business side, it provides valuable information and educational program on how businesses can start or retrofit into the new market opportunity provided by the need to preserve the environment for the present and future generation.


About ViridiSTOR

Based in Tustin, CA, ViridiSTOR LLC was established in 2008 with the goal of providing environmentally and fiscally sound business solutions for the information technology market. The Green Box™ solution replaces paper-based materials at trade shows and conferences, greatly reducing the environmental impact of the event while increasing the usability of information for attendees. With the Green Box, traditional static materials are replaced with electronic files including video, high resolution color images, presentations, or entire product catalogs. The Green Box solution can be implemented at a fraction of the cost required to print traditional materials, and dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of an event. For additional information, please visit the company’s web site at


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